More Abuja carnival photos, 2012


The true Naija chick bears her nation with the cutest of smiles. (Photo by Arrey Michael)


Ah! Royalty! Young. Colourful. Beautiful. (Photo by Arrey Michael)


Aren’t they supposed to be guarding the King and Queen instead of having their picture taken? (Photo by Arrey Michael)


So nice of the royals to mix in with the everyday sleeveless-sweater-weariing folk. (Photo by Arrey Michael)


What do we love most about carnival season? The beautiful girls… erm, the beautiful costumes, we meant to say. (Photo by Arrey Michael)


We’re not sure but we think the man in the iron mask took some time out from imprisonment to have some carnival fun! (Photo by Arrey Michael)


You can tell this guy felt right at home amidst all the colourful craziness. (Photo by Arrey Michael)


You can’t help but admire these beautiful… costumes. (Photo by Arrey Michael)


You haven’t partied till you party carnival style. (Photo by Arrey Michael)


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