Recommended (Highly)

Category: Literature

Title: Death and the King’s Horseman

Sub categories: African literature, drama, theatre

Author: Wole Soyinka

About: District Officer Pilkings has a habit of sticking his nose in where it has no business, but then again so do most colonial masters. District Officer Pilkings, however, should know better than to stick his nose in the business of sacred traditional African rites. Customs demand that upon the death of Oba, the Horseman to the King must proudly end his earthly life and join his master in the life after. Elesin Oba is a proud man from a proud lineage who is unwavering in his belief and practice of his proud tradition. On what is to be his final day as a man Elesin Oba looks forward, with pride, to facing death. But District Officer Pilkings, he has a habit of sticking his nose in where it has no business.

Thoughts: from the legend himself, this play exudes grandeur from cover to cover (and even some classic cockiness in the foreword from the author). Endeavour to look beyond the obvious conflict and you will find a deeper core conflict that expresses the raging battles of man with man, life, death, culture, mysticism, and the beyond.

Ndam of Gindim

“Ndam was chewing viagra to make his teeth strong”

Whoa! What?

You HAVE to read this ingenious re-invention of the traditional African folktale

Now this is an African renaissance!


Category: Poetry

Title: Th’ Apparition

Author: John Donne

About: a widowed woman, perhaps not sadly so. A spiteful ghost, perhaps rightly so. A clueless lover, perhaps wisely so.

Thoughts: the master of metaphysical poetry will send chills up your spine with this haunting piece. The pacing of the words is… let’s just say, to die for. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself supporting the ghost.


Category: literature

Sub category: play, drama, theatre

Title: Ph├Ędre (alt: Phaedra)

Author: Jean Baptiste Racine

About: Phaedra, wife of Theseus, king of Athens, step-mother to Hippolytus. Seeded deep in Phaedra’s heart is a dark secret: an uncontrollable love, lust even, which she has for her step-son Hippolytus. When word arrives Athens that Theseus has died at the war front, Phaedra seizes the opportunity to feed her desire and confesses to Hippolytus her passion for him. Hippolytus spurns her. But that is least of Phaedra’s worries because word reaches Athens once again that Theseus is actually alive and making his way back home. And Hippolytus wishes to speak with his father, urgently.

Thoughts: written during the French renaissance, this is one of the most heart-rending, thought-provoking plays you will ever read. A true renaissance classic. Available for free in most online libraries (if you can’t find it in a bookshop). Readers may be unfamiliar with historical and cultural references so don’t be shy to research for clarity where necessary.

Abuja Carnival 2012 in pictures


Legend tells of a time when man stood hundreds of feet tall from the ground. This fellow must’ve been one of the shorter ones.


A river of blue dancers for the rhythmic adventurer to swim in.


It’s lots of fun at carnivals, but it’s also lots of walking. Good thing there are lots of sights and sounds around to make it beautiful experience.


Wonder what species of butterfly he is?


The Hunchback of Gwarimpa. Parties with the people by day, eats them at night.


You have to love a woman with curves who loves to dance.


Traditional African arts and culture has that mystery about it which is eternally captivating. Especially when placed in a modern environment.

Afrinolly short film competitionn

Are you a film-maker, actor, actress, screenwriter or cinematographer out there looking for a great opportunity? The Afrinolly short film competition may just be for you!

Visit the main site to find out more
You can also watch the announcement as posted on YouTube.


Category: Film

Title: Philadelphia (1993)

Staring: Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks

About: a gay white man (Hanks) who sues his law firm when he is fired after contracting HIV/AIDS. The only lawyer willing to take his case? A black homophobe (Denzel).

Thoughts: an engaging movie with well sculpted performances from the two leads and shades of racial symbolism made bare yet adeptly reversed.