A Short Film from Africa: Visibility Zero

Synopsis, THE MOVIE
Fred, a first-class university graduate roams the streets of Lagos for close to two years, strongly believing his university degree is his only ladder to success. Things move from bad to worse until he becomes friends with a blind street beggar, Temiwa.

Temiwa is a 28-year old beautiful lady with a ten-year old son, Wisdom. She became blind at 18, when she was raped and shot in the face during an armed robbery attack in which her parents were murdered. This led to her loss of sight and conception of Wisdom.

Visibility Zero, THE GOAL
Visibility Zero is a wake-up call to the average Nigerian graduate, to look inwards for self-discovery rather than perpetually wait to be employed by a big firm.

We hope that with awareness about this short film, we can raise funds for this project which is essentially about giving back to the community.

The Nigerian youth, in 2013, needs to be taught how to enhance his self-worth through rediscovery and skills acquisition, all to improve his chances of success in today’s world.



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