YAKLECH Entertainment Presents: DRUMS ENSEMBLE

Drums Ensemble is an intriguing concept developed by YAKLECH Entertainment – a duo made up of young Nigerian artistes Yaki Musa and Alechenu Abel. A fusion of rhythms and creativity of traditional African era and 21st century society, Drums Ensemble will deliver an exciting evening of prime traditional drumming, with a variety of other traditional instruments in accompaniment.

The aim of Drums Ensemble is to bring children, youth and the older generation in touch with tradition in this technological age. The show is a great way for the Jos community to interact and the two producers, students of the University of Jos, are excited to reinvigorate traditional African culture through its most iconic instrument – the drum. Also expected are about 10 well-travelled and experienced drummers who will perform their magic with a host of drums differing in shapes and sizes.

The Drums Ensemble train will be taking off from Jos and moving to other parts of the country, so be on the lookout, your city may just be next! Culture and tradition are coming with an explosion of sound and rhythm, are you ready?

Date: 24th of April 2014
Venue: Open Air Theatre, University of Jos main campus, Bauchi road, Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria.
Time: 4pm
Fee: N200



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