The Seven Dictators Playwriting Competition


Submissions open: individual writers, acting-teams, acting-teams in schools, universities and theatres

Many competitions and programmes focus on the making of democracy, justice, and equality. However, in this one, the focus is completely different. It is on the complete opposite extreme!

The idea of the competition is to write a three-act play using seven characters of dictators that existed/still exist in the 21st Century, in any possible theme you may wish to put/gather them in. The idea of having seven dictators, is a way for highlighting the theme as a global phenomena, and not only focusing on one country.

Earth has been transforming rapidly, especially throughout the past five years, and these transformations are getting faster towards unknown destinies. Thus, writers are expected to reflect and discuss problems in our world through the chosen dictators, and anticipate the dictators’ feelings, thoughts and plans. They are expected to discuss problems that might have happened, still existing, and/or will exist.

This competition is organized by two writers; Mahmoud Mansi from Egypt, founder of “The Forgotten Writers Foundation” and Adrian Tawfik from New York, founder of “Democracy Chronicles”.

Their organizations collaborated together to produce this global project, believing that the theme can produce outstanding new pieces of contemporary Drama, and the book of winning entries would inspire individuals and leaders all over the world, and perhaps guide them.

The deadline for all submissions is January 1, 2015.

Read the guidelines to the competition here.

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