Theatre Support Program (TSP)

African Renaissance Theatre (A.R.T) is proud to officially announce the Theatre Support Program (TSP). The TSP is an initiative designed by A.R.T to provide professional artistic and technical support for organizations whom are not directly involved in Theatre Arts but have a department dedicated it. Or have a need for or interest in theatre arts. These could include churches, hospitals, parks, and many others.

In the past A.R.T has worked with the drama groups of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) and Family Worship Centre, as well as with the Jolatsen Drama Initiative, providing needed support for all three Abuja based institutions.

This year A.R.T is excited to once again be working with the drama group of Family Worship Centre, Abuja, for their Christmas command performance.

We look forward to a new and inspiring theatrical experience. Meantime, feast your eyes on beautiful pictures from the Easter command performance earlier in the year, the set of which was designed by A.R.T administrator and technical director Egbuche Pope.


A humble African home, styled as a house in a modern-African hamlet. Titled “The Return” the performance is a re-telling of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in a modern-African context. Set design by Egbuche Pope. Lighting design by Michael Okoro. Directed by Patrick Otoro.


Nanchim Mohammed (L) as Mary with Iffy Deborah (R) playing her mother.


Nanchim Mohammed being carried by Ugochukwu Mohammed as the Husband who has to leave his wife to be.


The husband returns. Ugochukwu Onwukeme and Nanchim Mohammed (L) as husband and wife, with Iffy Deborah (R)


It’s always lovely to see theatre, an awe-inspiring art that it is, being used to spread a message of love, peace and unity.