Abuja Carnival 2012 in pictures


Legend tells of a time when man stood hundreds of feet tall from the ground. This fellow must’ve been one of the shorter ones.


A river of blue dancers for the rhythmic adventurer to swim in.


It’s lots of fun at carnivals, but it’s also lots of walking. Good thing there are lots of sights and sounds around to make it beautiful experience.


Wonder what species of butterfly he is?


The Hunchback of Gwarimpa. Parties with the people by day, eats them at night.


You have to love a woman with curves who loves to dance.


Traditional African arts and culture has that mystery about it which is eternally captivating. Especially when placed in a modern environment.

Afrinolly short film competitionn

Are you a film-maker, actor, actress, screenwriter or cinematographer out there looking for a great opportunity? The Afrinolly short film competition may just be for you!

Visit the main site to find out more
You can also watch the announcement as posted on YouTube.

Welcome to The Renaissance!

African Renaissance Theatre & Entertainment Ltd. (A.R.T), the brainchild of young Nigerian artists, is an artistic initiative developed out of a deep love, respect and undying passion for the arts.

This eclectic-electric arts movement, conceived in 2010 and founded in 2012, is laid upon the foundations of a simple idea: the belief that this generation of young Nigerians can come together with diverse knowledge, talent and capabilities, and do things profound. Things beautiful! Things as economically productive as they are artistically divine.

The arts, without a doubt, provides a fertile buffet for this to be achieved. A new golden age of Nigerian and African arts beams at the horizon. A.R.T has set its course for that destination. Will you approach it with us?
Primarily a performing arts movement, we nonetheless give total dedication and bring acute efficiency to activities and projects that cut across all forms of arts & entertainment. All arts are intertwined branches on the tree of creativity and expression.
The A.R.T vision is to see to the revival of moribund arts/entertainment industries, the sustenance and further development of those that thrive and continuous innovation of all, with Nigeria as the artistic heart of the continent. We believe in:
New ways of thinking!
New methods of action!
New explorations of expression!
New structures for productivity!
We aim to create an environment unique to the societal structure of Nigeria that is economically viable for the arts while sustaining artistic value of our culture.
We aim to provide a platform for and support communal interaction at the artistic, business and cultural level, nationally and globally.
It is our hope, our dream that this, more than achieving it for you, will be achieved WITH you. It is with great honour then that A.R.T invites you to join the Renaissance! Man is confined only by the limits of his imagination. How limitless is yours?
The movement has begun.


The A.R.T team.