The Truth About Change


written by Cuba Ukoh @CubaUkoh


Change is inevitable (photo by GollyGForce)

When the morning comes that the adrenaline of enthusiasm thrashes to a dwindle, this is the truth about change: it is more than often that we end up lazy, again. Laziness usually spurred by the innocence of endless planning, procrastination, and day dreaming about the end result of our achievements to come; until, in slow quakes of daily life, we drift again from the essence – the journey.

The end of the world! – December 21st, 2012 – is only a day away! Now let’s suppose that the simmer of our foreboding (or lack of, to be sincere) gives way to the ominous morning of December 21st and alas! The sun still remembers to shine and the Harmattan winds still waft in as dusty and arid as ever; you still have to show up for work, or take your younger brother to the dentist, or that hall you had booked for your birthday party is not a waste after all.

And as is with all morning afters, we realize the priceless enchantment of life and the secret treasures that lie in the living of it. And then we reflect with fervour on how we must change and live this life to its fullest! But then, after a while, it is often more than often, that we are reminded again, of the truth about change.

However, that initial feeling, that thirst for MORE is not preserved for apocalyptic no-shows alone. Most times it comes with the events of everyday life: that refreshed vigour after you are healed from that darn malaria that took three weeks to fade, the annoying flu you have writhed with for what seemed a decade – until freedom came to your nostrils, that course you have finally passed with a surprising C after two carry-overs, the news of your unexpected pregnancy, that tragic accident which you have narrated over and over again the way you came to find yourself without a scratch even though you were in the passenger seat.

The list could be infinite, the lessons sublime. But if we are renewed after these experiences why then do we ever so often drift back to that pre-epiphany state, watching fresh starts come and go, begin, re-begin, and end? Why do we so frequently fail to simply stay gingered?

Could it be the intuitive fear of; what if I do not succeed? What if this dream is indeed bigger than me? Is it all, this ill-fated solution to pessimism, a subconscious coping mechanism to soothe our predictions of failure?

Whatever the answer may be there is only one way to break free. It is called perseverance. It will always be a continuous effort. Because one thing is for sure, and this is another truth about change, with or without our consent change will always be. It’s only up to us to define our renaissance. Our change. What’s your’s?