Femi Amogunla Drucker Challenge Finalist Needs Your Votes!

Hey there art lovers! Poet and friend of the African Renaissance Femi Amongula is a finalist in the Drucker Challenge and HE NEEDS YOUR VOTES!

The Road to the Adventure

The Global Peter Drucker Challenge is a yearly essay and video contest for students and professionals organized by the Peter Drucker Society Europe. The contest aims at raising awareness about the works and ideas of Peter Drucker among young people – the new generation—in order to build on a management philosophy that puts the human being at its centre. Earlier in the year, there was a call to submit an essay and/or a video on the theme “Lost in Digital Wonderland – Finding a Path in the Global Knowledge Society” – with emphasis on personal insights and forward looking perspectives that have the potential to inspire others.

After a thorough screening, fourteen videos were selected across the world. These videos were again reduced to eight after a keenly contested first round. Among these last eight is Femi Amogunla, a brilliant and inspiring young Nigerian who NEEDS YOUR VOTES for his video Letter to the Future Manager to emerge as a winner.

About Letter to the Future Manager

The world is fast becoming a village, thanks to the internet! The internet presents us with a new wonderland, of opportunities and challenges. Come to think of it, in a highly digitalized world, where everything is connected, you work with your properties and then with who you are. How will the future manager manage their life, their time? Will there ever be a way out of this wonderland called internet in the years ahead? These questions and more are explored in this three minute video!

How do I vote?

Voting is as easy as Jackson Five song – A-B-C.

First, sign into your social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin—on different window Tabs.

Second, sign up as Jury on the Peter Drucker website.

Third, open Femi Amogunla’s video Letter to the Future Manager to watch. Add it as a favourite. Then, use the share buttons the video to share on your different social media platforms.

Share the video with family and friends. Hey you can even get your own discussion going on. You can share the video every 24hours.

The deadline is on August 28, then winners will be announced on August 29. So let’s get sharing! Let’s come together, show love and support to a brilliant young man doing his country proud.