Digging Deep: Blogging Collective Call Out


Identity Detective is looking to recruit 6 volunteer detectives to contribute to the Bloggy Woggy Investigation Folder throughout 2014. As an identity detective you will use the F.L.U.I.D method to capture evidence as and when it falls in line with Identity Detective’s Brief.

Want to get involved?

If you are a creative, writer, observer, explorer, photographer, interviewer, or just to curious and like to talk about random things – Get in touch! Drop an email info@diggingdeep.co.uk to be sent Identity Detective’s Brief.

Please state why you would make a good Identity Detective along with any samples of work. This can be a short sample of writing up to a sheet of A4, a sample of 5 photos or 10 mins of video.

Find out more about the project here.

Right! This case needs further probing. Tweezers at the ready.

Check out the Blog – http://www.identitydetective.wordpress.com

Signing Out. // Identity Detective.


MOBILE: 07577105847