African Renaissance Theatre (A.R.T) proudly presents the premier production of double award winning stage play 54 Silhouettes written and directed by young Nigerian writer Africa Ukoh. The performance will be staged in Jos, Plateau state, at Alliance Français on the 16th of November; and in Abuja, at the French Institut of Nigeria, on the 5th, 6th and 8th of December, 2013.

African Renaissance Theatre & Entertainment (A.R.T) is a new age arts movement coming to the world from Nigeria, West Africa. Born out of a deep love, respect, and undying passion for creative excellence, this eclectic-electric arts movement is laid upon the foundation of a simple idea: that this generation of young Africans can come together with a diversity of talent, knowledge and skill to create things profound; things as socially productive as they are artistically divine.

Set in Hollywood, California, 54 Silhouettes tells the tale of Victor Chimezie, a young Nigerian actor pursuing dreams of making it big in the land of ‘glitz and glam’. Victor’s shot comes when his agent lands him a part in an upcoming blockbuster movie – an action-packed popcorn flick set in Nigeria. However, he soon comes to discover the film portrays his country and continent in nothing but stereotypical and derogatory manners.

Victor goes on a personal crusade against the film bringing him into conflict with the executive producer, director, a co-actor and his agent. Values, ideologies, and friendships are strained and tested as Victor fights for the right to be recognized as a man, not a shadow of one.

Without belittling the complexities of our cultural divides the play seeks to probe the issues of the portrayal and perception of Africans, asking the crucial question: who is responsible for the African image?

54 Silhouettes received its first acclaim in 2011, winning the first runner up position in the BBC African Performance competition. In 2012 the play was selected as one of 30 award winners in the prestigious Stratford East/30 Nigeria House project.

You can listen to an abridged version of the play produced by the BBC World Service, here.

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Young Artist Profile: Gina Castel

African Entertainment better watch out! Performance, passion and expression have found their embodiment in the unbridled personality of Gina Castel.


Gina Castel is an actor, on-air personality, model, and fashion designer. Hailing from the Cape Coast, Ghana, Gina is a graduate of Mass Communication from Bayero University, Kano. A vivacious, mulit-talented persona, Gina works across a multitude of artistic and entertainment platforms, bringing her ‘no-holds-barred’ exuberance to each project.

A queen of the stage and a master of the screen, Gina Castel is a sight to behold when executing her acting skills. Her indepth performances, and often surprising dedication to the creation of her characters, have led to Gina being recognized as one of the next top acts to be on the look out for.

Character portrayal

Gina often works alongside major figures in Nollywood, having to her record titles such as Covert Operations, a flick by Alex Mouth (of Mnet’s Tinsel) where she played a blind woman alongside Patience Nzokwu, Olu Jacobs, Yemi Black; When Is It Enough written and directed by Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus, where she played the female lead; others include Private Lies, Wife, Story Story (a BBC Radio production), Zozanatu, Affiong and a lot of other titles.

On set

As a model Gina is known to rock a signature afro cut which tops off a graceful aura that glides across runways. And when she’s not on the runway, Gina sketches and designs fashion wears.

One of Gina’s biggest passions is being a Co-Presenter for the lifestyle, faith-based radio program THR3E, which airs on Praise World Radio and is powered by In His Steps magazine, and has been featured on Impact Detroit magazine.


One of the most fun things about this talented lady is her ability to adeptly imitate an impressive array of accents – Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, British, Indian, American, etc. If you ever run into Gina and can cajole her into doing some accents for you, it’ll probably be your most fun experience for the day!


African Jambalaya: official press release


Tel: +44 (0) 7958165107

Damwin Media Announces the Date for ‘African Jambalaya’ – The Afro-beats Fairytale

On January 1st, 2013 Damwin Media announced the dates for ‘African Jambalaya’, an African themed showcase. The event would be held on January 26, 2013 at SYNC LONDON – 361 High Street Stratford, London, E15 4OZ. The evening promises to be a mix of diverse African culture with entertainment variety consisting of dance, music, poetry and drama among others.

About Damwin Media
Two young graduates from Brunel University have formed an alliance by creating a company called Damwin Media to create an Afro-beats theatre production called ‘African Jambalaya’ (An Afrobeats fairytale) The company has collaborated with different organisation like ‘Imperial Dynasty’ and ‘Smart Promo/SIP’ and worked on projects like Africa Unplugged amongst others.

On this project they have collaborated with a modern theatre group ‘Silhouettez in the Dark’ to create the first ever Afro-beats fairytale in theatres in order to highlight upcoming talent to the world.

About the Show
King Diamond (Desmond Elliot) strikes up a deal with ‘Oba Toh Badt’ (Adot Comedian) the most feared Babalawo of the land to save his daughter from her ashewo ways. Come and see the wahala that happens next!!!

Multi Award winning artist ‘Wande Coal’, Nigerian actor and director ‘Desmond Elliot’ along with the YouTube sensation ‘Adot Comedian’ and New comer ‘June Ubi’ are just a few names that will be taking part in this production.

Tickets can be purchased from ‘Ticketmania’ on 0208 555 0044 or Each ticket costs £25 but early bird tickets are £20

Afrinolly short film competitionn

Are you a film-maker, actor, actress, screenwriter or cinematographer out there looking for a great opportunity? The Afrinolly short film competition may just be for you!

Visit the main site to find out more
You can also watch the announcement as posted on YouTube.