The Reservations of the Legends

By Ezewi Jennifersoter

She conceived great men on different soils with the image of mind sturdy.
They came as individuals with love, on the field of crucial race, driven by ardor: strung out in pursuance of the herculean task weighing checks and balances.

They came on varied days; yet embraces same route from different paths.
Oh no!
“Come over here and wipe your tears because:
‘GHANDI’ Is enroute to New Delhi!
I can perceive the fragrance of his foot prints from here.
His echoes heals the broken hearted with confident satyagraha.”

On the soil of the apartheid spleen roars an assemblage who calls LUTHER!
The dreamer that roars change with a stentorian admiration beyond decibels:
“I have a dream!
Where the oppressed children will be among the ruling parties someday.
I must achieve this or set the ball rolling because: non violence is a way of life for courageous people.
Oh yes!
I am on the white soil that unifies states with acronym; I was instigated by passion to be enroute to forward ever with the docket of equality!”

These heroes understood their quest from the onset: building bridges for the generations on and on!
Regardless of the fact that it might cost their lives, yet are they tirelessly dogged to exhume the dignity of equality in certainty.

On this non violence had they emerged from different soils, speaking unification with different tones.
The laughter in this pain gets boosted by the pacifism of the unabashed attribute of these change seekers; clamoring:
“Our names soars beyond boarders in recognition, but that is not our nub.
We solely wish to pursue, overtake and recover change!”

When two bowed to rigor mortis on recumbent: their voice still echoes from the pacific camp, knowing that ‘One’ stands visibly on shaky grounds; commanding the attention of dignity from achievements in the field of victory, legacy and pace setting.

“Look here! ‘Mandela’ stands on the visible path of change laughing onward to fulfillment with the attention of remedy specialties as ‘The Global’ views on bended knees with good wishes towards the south side of Africa.”

Oh no!
The star has fallen: the cloud is dim!
Blubber twists the mood of nations.
Weeping saturates the gaze of loved ones.
What a day of ‘fifth’ when December sings at the time of CAT on 20:50 in the midst of 2013:
“Tata Madiba!
The last of his kind has fallen.
The unforgettable hero lives on!”

As the wind blows the echoes, voicing vociferates:
“Our course enjoys relaxation in victory, but our names enjoys a dignified reservations of presence on after-math; because our names awakes the significant of good works to scoop out the reserve we preserved in dignity.”

The record of the race gave account that these Social Prestige came from different race with one voice, speaking in unism:
“freedom from segregation!
The oppressed must be free!
Equality, equality!
Egalitarian must emerge.”