Photos from our 2012 Christmas Theater Support Program with Family Worship Centre (FWC), Wuye, Abuja

African Renaissance Theatre (A.R.T) is proud to officially announce the Theatre Support Program (TSP). The TSP is an initiative designed by A.R.T to provide professional artistic and technical support for organizations whom are not directly involved in Theatre Arts but have a department dedicated it. Or have a need for or interest in theatre arts. These could include churches, hospitals, parks, and many others.

This Christmas we had a great deal of fun working with the theatre department of Family Worship Centre, Wuye, Abuja. Check out some photos below:

 building and construction

Hands at work. (Photo by Egbuche Pope)


Hands at work. (Photo by Egbuche Pope)

work and play

We play while we work because our work is play. Actor and dance Emeka Akujor practices his balancing skills. A future gymnast perhaps? (Photo by Egbuche Pope)

Building work

See the fuzzy figure standing like he thinks he’s Superman? That’s A.R.T’s General Manager and Technical Director Egbuche Pope. (Photo by Emeka Akujor)

set construction

Helping hands. (Phot by Egbuche Pope)


All in a stage’s work. (Photo by Egbuche Pope)